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We are set to provide our customers r&d- and engineering competence in order for them to focus on their core business.

We deliver ideas, products, services, prototypes and above all new approach to things. Our primary tool is unprejudiced attitude.

We work with big and small companies

We perceive ourselves being as a r&d house due to the fact, that we have introduced people from different sectors working together under one roof. It is a known fact, that only cross functional development leads to perfect result. For You it means, that together with us you possess all the links involved in product development project.

You genuinely get full service. We offer flexible way of working and partnership. We believe by committing to our customers challenges, as they were our own, we cannot fail.






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Be unique

C-Advice as an employer

Do you wish to work with good attitude and belong to a team having no prejudice when creating new things. With us you get diverse co-operation environment and possibility to influence own work and employer’s operations. We are constantly seeking r&d- and design wizards. We require education from technical field or industrial design, however we appreciate similar skills acquired other way. You will work closely in customer interface therefore your personal properties and attitude play a vital role. Don’t waste so much time finetuning your CV and application, but instead, send your free formed letter to:



User centric approach

Products are designed for users, not the other way around. User experience is the key factor when we solve any given problem or need. Good value creating product is easy and enjoyable to use.

Our design process covers the voice of customer for achieving a practical solution. Usability is the key driver for us from idea phase to finished product – as practise is the best test of all.


take advantage of your data

We help our customers to overcome their digitalization journey. Our impartial business model ensures, that you will get the maximum benefits from your new PLM tools. Please, follow the link for further information