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Product development



We deliver solutions for technically demanding machine-, mechatronic- and production projects. We also supervise installation in case of need.

Our designers have wide experience covering small precision mechanical components all the way to large world class entities.

We perceive mechanical design being part of full service, where transition from industrial design into mechanical design can take place seamlessly.


people. process. power.

It is the first impression that counts. We are at your disposal bringing out the best from your product. With the help of industrial design your product will have high-class quality and it will become practical in use as well as in giving its first impression.


Our starting point is your needs and we will grind them into user centric diamond, which can endure admiration, usage and time.

product design

we deliver results

Products are designed for users, not the other way around.

User experience is the key factor when we solve any given problem or need. Good value creating product is easy and enjoyable to use.

Our design process covers the voice of customer for achieving a practical solution. Usability is the key driver for us from idea to finished product – as practice is the best test of all.


try it before you buy it

We are able to create prototypes for e.g. product concept, -ergonomics, -manufacturability as well as for ensuring mechanical properties or functionality of the product. Our in-house workshop is equipped e.g. with 3D-printer and we also have extensive partner network to cover all your needs.

digital prototyping

With the help of FE analysis we are able to validate the functionality of the product design already during product development project without having a physical prototype built.

As part of our CAD design systems and being included in our mechanical design process FEA is a highly cost effective tool creating value for our customers.